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March 5, 2012

Kishu vase, sculpture made from oxidized copper and ethically sourced silver

This weekend I began a dialogue with Regina Connell, the founder and Editor in Chief of Handful of Salt. This site, dedicated to DesignCraft, is a trove of lovely and inspired finds featuring insightful articles and interviews with the artists.

One featured artist that I had to share with you is the extraordinary Maya Selway. Needless to say, when first I came across the work of this London native, I was entranced. Though Maya also makes beautiful jewelry and other extraordinary objects, her Kishu collection in particular is pure minimalism at its most striking.

These slight whips of sculpture have all the suggestive vitality and fluid grace of Chinese calligraphy, yet in 3-D. So reductive they are almost painful, as if all the flesh has been burnt away to reveal only the skeletal core. And yet what is left is utter beauty. Like ghosts, they are ethereal and transient, the mere whisper of a form. Look away and they might disappear altogether.

To render metal in a manner this delicate sets up a tension that is truly tantalizing. I am dying to further the dichotomy by placing a real, basic, utilitarian object in one of these vessels: a toothbrush in a cup, or a single green apple in a bowl. So much evocative power in so spare an object is truly breathtaking.

For a more complete profile on Maya Selway, see her interview on Handful of Salt.

Kishu bottles made from oxidized copper

editorial from January 2012, Elle Decor, featuring Maya’s work

Kishu bowls, oxidized copper

composition of three bowls, made of fine and sterling silver

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