small moments in gray scale

September 14, 2011

Honestly the first week of school has made it hard to blog about beauty. As we transition from our simple summer life, all the paperwork, provisioning, scheduling, Board meetings, endless laundry, unpacking and organizing, all on top of working has left me feeling like a whirling dervish of chaos. I am not beautiful. My surroundings are a mess!

But throughout the week, I keep coming back to these few images I shot in our cottage last weekend. Much like my “rock on the stairs” photos, these tiny moments of gray-scale – where the light hit things just right – are surprisingly peaceful. Looking at them makes me feel a bit more centered and calm.

It’s a little lesson: small instances like these, where the ordinary takes on a bit of the extraordinary, often go unnoticed in our hectic lives, especially here in our too often “bigger is better” American culture. But I find that it is exactly these intensely focussed moments that see me through the bedlam to eras more orderly. As long as I can still take time to notice that God is, indeed, in the details, I know there’s hope.

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