mushrooms by mister finch

August 21, 2012

There’s something about mushrooms. They’re so earthy, so delicious… or deadly. Plain or vibrant, they’re allegorical, literary, mythical. Forces of decay, they’re the last players in the cycle of life – harbingers of both death and rebirth.

In his new collection released just in time for fall, Mister Finch (whose work I previously featured here), has perfectly captured the dualistic nature of toadstools. Made from rescued bits of faded velvet, once fine silks, and stained cotton, these soft sculptures are lush, but a little haggard; pretty, but frayed. Much like the real thing, they are full of personality. Sporting jaunty caps and bonnets, some are prissy, some are wizen and wise. And though they may not be edible, all Finch’s specimens are scrumptious.

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