my haunted hall

October 24, 2013

Last week my Aunt Stephanie and I spent the better part of a morning ripping the ugly green carpet off the front hall stairs. Though disgusting work, it was well worth the effort; “like taking a sack cloth off a woman with a gorgeous figure,” was how Stephanie put it.

Underneath this nasty rug, we found the remnants of several paints jobs, plus a bare track left by an old runner. This scabrous state proved the perfect launching point for a little Halloween display. Thus, using nothing more than antiques that I already had on hand and many dried leaves, I created a haunted hall worthy of any Gothic tale.

You can read more about the creative process on Remodelista.

To conjure the feeling of faded elegance, I used the old journals from the house and several other gilded accents.

stairs, sans carpet

Above and below, an allegorical vignette a la Miss Havisham was created using my wedding veil.

my chandelier (soon to be extinct!) adorned with bits of silk and silver thread

True horror: the original green carpet!

Or what was under it. Yuck!

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