naomi paul

July 27, 2012

crocheted Glück pendant lights by Naomi Paul

Discovered today via Remodelista’s feature about sustainable style at Folklore: the textile creations of Naomi Paul.

Based in London, Paul creates textiles that combine traditional methods with a clean contemporary feel. Her forms are fluid, organic, but also possess a dash of the exotic. When it comes to color, Paul never equivocates – preferring either minimalist, natural hues or bold brights. Texture is always as least an equal partner to form and color in Paul’s tactile creations. Yet somehow, on balance, these complex juxtapositions of form, tone, and texture are never busy, in fact they seem almost restrained.

It is the mark of a truly sophisticated designer who can produce work that is seemingly simple, but full of depth; that can conjure the past, while at the same time be totally innovative. No wonder then that Paul was named Young Designer of the year 2012 by Homes & Gardens magazine.

clockwise from the left: steamer chair, macaroon cushion and triangle rug; glück pendant in navy; pepper cushion

above: Albers cushions and steamer chair

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