nests by sophie truong

November 2, 2012

Remind you of anything? When I first discovered (via Kathyrn Clark’s blog) these wonderful “nests” by Sophie Truong, I could not get over how much they resembled the horsehair bird’s nest that Oliver found for me last year.

Sophie’s pieces were inspired by a simple scrubbing pad that she found in the market. Feeling that the mass of white fibers called out for some stitching, she began to weave in some black thread.

The kinship between Sophie’s and Olie’s nests is striking. Organically conceived, they both have a similar extemporaneous quality that comes from letting the materials guide the form. They are both untidy and therefor full of energy, but also soft and delicate. Both have been transformed. Though one is art and the other utility (a home), the results are much the same. A poignant illustration of how function and beauty are not mutually exclusive. And when paired together in the same object, they make something that transcends both.

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