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April 12, 2011

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Nick Hollibaugh has become the furniture “go to guy” for my family. From built in shelves to dining, side, coffee tables or desks, he is the man we trust to deliver exquisite work (at a reasonable price). Certainly we appreciate how lithe Nick’s pieces are. Streamlined and elegant, they are modern forms paying homage to the past. Beautifully proportioned and balanced, they almost hover in space. Yet these are not delicate flowers. Extremely sturdy and painstakingly crafted, Nick’s furniture is built to last.

I can’t usually comment on the personality of most of the designers I profile, but I do know from experience that Nick is extremely easy to work with. Not only is he really nice and accommodating, but he has a truly uncanny ability not only to realize his client’s vision, but to take it even further than they imagined. This gift originates from Nick’s signature skill: he always adds a certain little “twist” to his work – a surprising detail here or there – that lends just the right amount of interest, without becoming over worked. The results are always impeccable and inspired.

small side table

“matching” small tables, octagon and rectangle

detail of a maple bench

white wash table and bench

same table in detail

coffee table/bench

coffee table/bench side view

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