objects by line depping

March 8, 2013

Geiko, 2009, inspired by objects from Japan

“Sensual” is the first word I would use to describe these graceful objects by Danish designer Line Depping. The second would be “slow.” Though traditionally utilitarian in nature, Line’s household objects blur the line between work and pleasure. Graced with extra soft bristles and exaggerated curves, her cleaning brushes and cooking spoons seem designed to invite the touch, to entice us to linger in our task, to prolong and deepen the experience. They remind me of Dutch designer Marijke Annema’s work “Dear House, May I Pet, Tickle, Rub, Sweep…You,” which I featured some time ago.

Line’s furniture exhibits a similarly sinuous quality – a breathtaking amalgamation of masculine simplicity and feminine form.

Stillife, 2010, Abstraction of Brush and Fans

Geiko, 2009

Stillife, 2010

Stillife, 2010

hooks made of precompressed ash wood

solid maple table made together with Jakob Jørgensen

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