plodes studio

November 7, 2011

trak stool with reproduction tractor seat

Today I’m enjoying the sleek forms of Plodes Studio. Plodes is a Texas-based, multidisciplinary firm that specializes in everything from product to furniture and architectural design. Representing a unique fusion of organic and modern, their concepts have an intriguing, futuristic vibe. Fluid, nature-inspired silhouettes are both archetypally pleasing and witty. (I can almost picture this chair scampering away like an overblown arachnid.) But their exaggerated size also makes them every-so-slightly monstrous. (Are the mega-barnacles going to siphon me?) In fact these biotic forms, realized in cool, machine age materials, could be a little too “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” were it not for an overriding aesthetic principle. Any bestiality in these sophisticated designs is deftly tempered by pure white finishes which lend an angelic grace. Thus, it is an intricate¬†combination of imagination, beauty, nature, and industry that makes¬†Plodes’ products as much art as functional object.

capsule, a 10″ powder coated, stainless steel vessel

space saver and art all in one – barnacle storage vessels

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