September 7, 2011

I’ve never been much of a skater, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend hours in a skate shop. That’s because, designwise, I love the boards themselves. They are so sleek with lithe, aerodynamic forms. But on the other hand they are also quite masculine, heavy and hard and often sporting bold graphics and edgy illustrations. It’s a thrilling dichotomy, really.

Thus it is that I find myself continually drawn to the boards of Matthew Bietz of quartertwenty. I’ve mentioned them briefly before, but I decided that it’s time to give Matthew a larger feature, especially since skateboards aren’t the only thing he does well.

At 40″ long, Matthew’s custom skateboards are perfect for cruising. Their streamlined silhouettes are further enhanced by original details like the cutout finger grips (which also make them easier to carry). But it’s Matthew’s simple color block designs that really grab your attention. These sophisticated hues in subtle combinations are so frankly beautiful that they would be just as happy on the pages of Dwell than in any skate rag.

But that’s not all. With an MA in Architecture from the University of Washington and further hands-on experience at Gulassa & Co., among others, Matthew engages in projects big and small – from bottle openers to buildings, if you will. And like his boards, Matthew brings the same beguiling combination of masculine energy tempered by a balanced grace to all his work no matter what the scale.

custom skate decks (Click on this groovy video by Thrillist to see them in action and get a glimpse of Matthew’s newest board.)

Fully customizable the GiddyUp Stool is available in many different steel finishes as well as with seats in wood, leather, or fabric.

Knucklehead bottle opener as well as quartertwenty’s wall stirrups are fashioned from the side cut out of the GiddyUp Stool.

For more products visit quartertwenty’s website or Etsy shop.

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