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April 22, 2011

Rather than doing my own hunting and gathering this Friday, I thought I’d treat you to the work of one of my favorite fellow scavengers: Quercus Design.

Jennifer Steen Booher spends her spare time exactly as I did every summer when visiting the Maine coast: combing the rocky shores for treasures. Feathers, “lucky” stones, tiny yellow snails, sea glass, the rare sea urchin, or even an arrowhead or fossil were among my favorite finds. I think I still have some of these discoveries in a box somewhere.

What that I had been as clever as Jennifer, who presents her artifacts in the form of these stunning photographs. Artfully arranging her finds on stark white backgrounds, Jennifer exhibits them in a gallery-like display. Searching the details of each photo one feels like the hunt is on again, only this time, we the viewer get to go along. And the more we search, the more we begin to wonder about the untold story behind these traces of natural and human lives. Just what happened to make them wash up on the beach? We may never know.

I think that even if you have never been to Maine, you would still feel yourself oddly captured by Quercus Designs. So perhaps it is our shared history, with nature and each other, that makes Jennifer’s photos resonate so. Somewhere, sometime we all had a piece of pottery like that in our home, or went on a walk and found a stone or a stick that we took home, or spent time on the beach looking for something we’d lost or something to be found.

All photos copyright Jennifer Booher and Quercus Design.

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