razor clam pendant

June 26, 2014

razor clam pendant

Remember Sheila’s “installation with razor clams” on her living room shelf? This week, I too got creative with these elongated shellfish, when, inspired by the porcelain works at Parma Lilac, I created a razor clam (or Atlantic Jackknife Clam to be more precise) lamp shade. See Gardenista for a complete tutorial.

razor clamsUncle Mon shows off the haul from one walk on the beach.

bleaching razor clams in the sunbleaching razor clams on the deck

bleaching razor clams, Justine Hand

making a razor clam lamp suppliessupplies for the lamp

drilling hole in shelldrilling

drilled razor clams

threading wirestringing

threading the razor clam shells

strung shells

Hammer and Heel lightthe base: a pendant from Hammers and Heels

finished razor clam lampmy finished lamp

razor clam lamp sade detail by Justine Hand

finished razor clam light Justine Hand

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