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January 18, 2012


I discovered the work of Renilde de Peuter while writing my feature on Sophie Schellekens last week. In several of Sophie’s photos, I noticed a particularly lovely crocheted pot holder or a strikingly original cushion, which thankfully Sophie had labeled as being the work of her friend, Renilde. After further research into Renilde’s own flickr feed, I was bowled over. Renilde is a versatile and prolific textile artist, equally gifted at crochet, embroidery, knitting, weaving, etc. She even makes wooden mobiles!

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, Renilde has been crafting all her life. Her process is rather extemporaneous. Renilde prefers to work with recycled materials, so what she creates is largely determined by what she can get her hands on. She begins with a story, letting fantasy and the material guide her, until something emerges.

I believe that it is this impromptuĀ approach that gives Renilde’s work both its width and breadth, but also its depth. No matter how abstract, Renilde’s narratives are palpable in all her pieces, in the vibrant patchworks, the scrolling stitching, or the expressive fringe. They give all the work a fresh, spontaneous, whimsical quality that marks it as Renilde’s. These tales also result in highly individual textiles. Even if Renilde crochets dozens of pot holders, each will have its own character.

Though Renilde’s forms can be adventurous and full of energy, pervading all her pieces there is also a quiet feminine quality – a grace and balance, that renders them both beautiful and serene, as well as an intimacy that invites you in – to look more closely, to feel. Thus, whether jolly or delicate, winding or precise, Renilde’s pieces are as profoundly resonant as they are diverse.

Renilde’s cushions and mobiles are available at Mr. Kitly, or if you’re in Antwerp, you can purchase her work at Atelier Solarshop. You may also email her.

pot holders

embroidery detail




crocheted flowers

Vasco de Gama embroidery and mobile

All rights reserved. Photos by Renilde de Peuter used with permission of the artist.

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