March 7, 2012

Noticed recently on Lady Oracle, these lovely rag rugs by Rugcycle.

For centuries, Swedish women would sit in their homes or sewing circles crafting rag rugs. Woven from recycled scraps – a daughter’s outgrown dress or dad’s torn shirt – each row in these traditional rugs carried part of the family’s story. Originally, these long floor covers were meant to keep feet warm in kitchens and hallways. But as central heating obviated this need, rag rugs took on a new role, that of creating a feeling of hominess and tradition.

In an effort to preserve this important part of Swedish cultural heritage and bring rag rugs to the center of the home, Rugcycle founders Jenny Askenfors, Sofia Ehrengren and Linda Lindorff have created their second Rugcyle collection, aptly named Collection 2. (Collection 1 used recycled carpets woven by Turkish nomads.) In creating these carpets from one-of-a-kind, vintage, Swedish rag rugs, the team is careful to preserve the original craftsmanship. Each Rugcycle carpet is lovingly hand stitched using recycled materials. The results are floor coverings that are richly storied, warmly textured, and utterly unique. Full of personality and life, Rugcycle’s creations are both contemporary and timeless.

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