salt timber roses

June 10, 2012

It’s rose season at Salt Timber: my favorite time here at the cottage.

Red and pink roses mingle around the back fence.

Your basic red tea rose looks dramatic in the Grandma Hilda’s black Wedgwood.

New Dawn, my favorite. The bushes are full of these soft and subtle pink flowers. They grow fast in bad Cape Cod soil, and are resistant to all diseases.

Prolific New Dawn taking over the front porch.

In my bedroom New Dawn sits in another of Gramma Hilda’s vases. Gramma Hilda, my father’s mother, died when I was young, so I didn’t know her very well. But we share a love of little things. She had a vast collection of Victorian glass and ceramics. The two pictured here are my favorites.

I’m also pretty excited about the pending crop of berries this year. Here: black raspberries.

My first crop of blueberries!

You can see more of my roses here.

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