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December 16, 2013

I love serendipitous moments – that sensation of both power and comfort that comes from the feeling that we are all connected. Not loose, adrift, but tethered by a universal bond. It seems to me that if we all paid more attention to these moments, we might be a little more generous towards those with whom we share this earth: person, plants, or beast. (But now, perhaps, I’m getting too lofty…)

This weekend, I was delighted by a surprise gift from Xenia: a beautiful bird mobile by Aline of Lonely Bird and card by Anna of Lila Ruby King. Though Xenia and I have never met in person, I know through her imagery that she is one of those truly open souls. One who perceives the beauty around her. And who considers it a gift to be shared.

My son Oliver is also one such person. Yesterday we were graced by the presence of another little red bird when a cardinal perched on the apple tree in the neighbors’ yard. I ran for my camera, but by the time I had switched to my zoom lens, our scarlet friend had abandoned his lofty perch. “Darn. I missed it.” I said. “Don’t worry, Mama,” Oliver soothed as he watched the bird land, “he’s just as beautiful against the snow.”

And thus it was that I received several little parcels this weekend. (And not even Christmas yet!) The gift of friendship from across the globe, the gift of creation from yet another inspired artist, the gift of Nature in all her glory, and the gift of a son who, at times, is even more sage than his Mama.

Beautiful! Thank you, Xenia. You can see more from Lonely Bird here.

Our little red friend against the snow.

more beautiful work from Lila Ruby King – a “Birds We Lost” matching game

chickadee cloth by Lila Ruby King

gift tags

“Birds We Lost” coloring book

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