scenes from the new kitchen

May 29, 2013

almost there: the new sink (pre-faucet) on a rainy day

Rather than pay a premium for a new kitchen that I would change, when I was looking to buy a house I sought one with an old kitchen that I could someday make my own. Until we saved enough for that dream kitchen, I thought I was willing to live with something less than inspiring. Turns out, I wasn’t. But I still didn’t have enough money for a major renovation. What to do?

Enter the design genius of Percy and Tara of Jersey Ice Cream Co, two renovation angels who descended a few weeks ago to work miracles on my kitchen. The challenge was to transform the existing, overly amber, dark, depressing room into something light and airy and inspiring, all on an extremely limited budget. Oh, and they had a week.

Despite these hurdles, what I got was beyond my wildest expectations. See for yourself.

A reminder of where we were before. Nothing is right with this kitchen.

Besides being dark and ugly, the main problem with the kitchen was that, unlike the rest of the house which oozes historic character, the kitchen had none. So not only was it an eye-sore, it felt completely disjointed from the rest of the house.

To add character and light while still keeping it functional, Percy and Tara planned to do the following: remove the cabinets, valance and yellow tiles over the sink. Install open shelving and shiplap boards. Replace yellow granite countertops with wood. Replace the sink. Exchange all the hardware and the stainless faucet for brass. Paint everything!

The three of us toyed with the idea of replacing the ugly tile floor. But research quickly revealed that there was no real way to paint the tile or cover it, at least within our limited budget and timeframe. So the intent was to then minimize the floor, until I can afford to remove or lay something over it.

Ta-Dah! the kitchen, after

To unify the room and add more character, Percy and Tara also had the brilliant idea of adding a chair rail which echoes the one in the dining room. The gray paint is Benjamin Moore Picket Fence from their Color Story Collection. The walls are Ben Moore Linen White.

To minimize the hulking form of the island, Percy also enclosed this in shiplap.

The new sink and counters are from Ikea. The hardware is Martha Stewart from Home Depot.

dish brushes in the sink

island view

Here’s a wider view before the faucet went in. There are still some finishing touches to add, but thus is the evolutionary process of home ownership.

brass faucet

a bouquet at dusk on a rainy day

I should point out that it was actually much brighter in the room, but I intentionally underexposed this photo for dramatic effect. Since I’m also taking a photography course with Erin right now, I’m experimenting with creative use of light.

a shelf detail on a rainy day

another view of the chair rail

minimal open shelves

finding inspiration in the small details and fleeting moments of my new kitchen

Thank you, Percy and Tara!

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