scenes from the weekend, part 2: christmas pink

December 19, 2011

Sometimes a parent’s desperate attempt to occupy children in some constructive way leads to something wonderful. A couple of years ago Olie, Solvi, Tilly, Audrey, Al and I were all outside in the snow, when I found a dead pine tree that had been cut down. On a whim I propped it up in a frozen stand and told the kids to go into the woods to find “ornaments” – pinecones, leaves, berries, etc. We spent the afternoon decorating our outdoor tree, and thus “the Nature tree” was born.

This year we thought it would be fun to enhance some of our finds with glitter. Oh, and I could photograph it for my blog. Of course once we were all set up, Olie came downstairs in one of the girl’s pink sweatshirts, cause he “didn’t want to be the only boy.” Then we could only find pink polka dot dixie cups to put the glue in. Thus what was supposed to be a Christmas shoot wound up looking like a day at the faerie factory, all pink and glittery! Oh well, I shot it for posterity. Low and behold, I really like it! Who knew pink was the new red?!

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