september stems

September 26, 2011

the September wild flower triple threat: pokeberries, goldenrod and privet berries (my purple oxalis is in the background)

My longtime readers know, one of my favorite things to do is pick fresh bouquets from nature. September is one of my favorite times for flower foraging because fall blooms are so wild and woolly. Plus this is the start of berry season in New England. My absolute favorites are pokeberries – the aubergine guys you see below with the fuchsia stems, and privet berries, which are bright green in September but turn a beautiful eggplant once the privet leaves fall off in November. And of course there’s the ubiquitous goldenrod (or “feathery goldenrod” as my kids call it).

close-up of pokeberries. especially thrilling with their lime green leaves

the wild bouquet picked by myself and my daughter, Solvi. Admittedly, I might have gone to the supermarket in search of some deep oranges to fully flesh out this enemble. But that would have tainted the special memory of my 3-year-old daughter wrestling with the entire bouquet (she insisted) as we wandered the woods.

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