July 18, 2011

Michael Wolke’s ‘Beute’ lamp made of recycled cardboard

I have been keeping an eye on ShowRaum. Ever since they surfaced with a few items on Etsy this spring, I have been intrigued by the ingenuity, originality, and sense of humor of this Berlin-based design collective. But I wanted to see if they would be consistent as they expanded. So I added them to my favorites, and watched, and waited.

Indeed each new thing that came out of ShowRaum did seem to be dependably innovative. But the object that finally caused me to decide once and for all that these guys truly had something amazing going was the recycled cardboard “Beute” lamp.

I should mention that ShowRaum’s designers, including Sebastian Mall, Patrick Kerti, Regitze Kerti and Jaap Wijnants, have a range of backgrounds from architecture to furniture design and carpentry. But they all enjoy “giving new life and new functions to discarded, forgotten or thrown away goods.” Thus Beute is a lamp made of narrow strips of reclaimed cardboard arranged like an upside down coiled bowl. The effect is both industrial and primitive, cool and warm, mechanical and animal.

Whether lamp, tray, or pencil case, so far all of ShowRaum’s varied products exhibit a similar kind of creative tension and unexpected personality. Here are a few of the other original products that have caught my eye. To see the whole collection of limited run goods, go to ShowRaum.

Cuplys Lampshade made from 200 repurposed plastic cups

tomDK Pencil Case by Jaap Wijnants made from tractor inner tube

Slange lighting object by Patrick Kerti

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