slow ceramics with tortus copenhagen

June 13, 2013

Hidden away off a quiet courtyard in the heart of the capitol’s bustling shopping district, you’ll find the quiet oasis of Tortus Copenhagen. Here, master potters Eric Landon and Karin Blach Nielsen follow a century-old tradition of Danish ceramics, which is informed by a “love of making and a passion for the materials.” Working within their 19th century truss-style studio, these two artisans seek to create individual objects that, though grounded in tradition, are utterly timeless.

Much like their textured pieces, Tortus’ studio is a rich marriage of storied history and modern design.

A graduate of the Danish School of Design, master potter and Tortus designer Eric Landon sits in the courtyard of his studio.

I strongly encourage you to watch the process of Eric forming a Tortus vase in the inspirational video on the company home page. It’s from the pot’s perspective!

Unglazed, Tortus’ vessels await Karin’s finishing touch.

A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Karin Blach Nielsen is Tortus’ “architect of color and surface.”

elegant, earthy and modern, Tortus’ finished vessels

Wooden legs mirror beams, pots reflect the building’s plaster walls in a seamless dialogue between space and design.

a detail of the layered textures of Karin’s luminous glazes

red stool

For more see my article on Remodelista.

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