snowmageddon from the inside

January 29, 2015

braided rug 2

When life gives you driving snow and hurricane force winds, what do you do? Make biscuits.

Yesterday, Juno meant a day of forced leisure – time to enjoy the small things: my long neglected knitting, as well as a good book read in bed, with a kid on either side quietly doing the same. (Oh thank you God of Reading for making just one of my pre-parental fantasies come true.) It also meant having time to indulge the children’s whims, such Solvi’s request to make a rug for her baby bunny. Or that of Oliver, who announced he wanted to make biscuits.
Me: “What? Where did that come from?”
Him: “From a book I’m reading. Biscuits and honey sound delicious.”
Yes, they did; and they were.
Other moments were spent by the fire savoring Jasper Hill Cheese, a free gift from a frazzled clerk at Whole Foods who couldn’t be bothered to look up the price of the unlabeled product. Or just enjoying the reflected light.

braided rug 1


making biscuits

making biscuits 2

hot biscuits with honey

tea and biscuits



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