society limonata: linens (and inspiration)

May 21, 2012

linen towels from Society Limonata

I wanted to share these sumptuous shots from Society, Limonata, not only because their linens are so lovely, but also because their styling has inspired me to add a little darkness to my home.

To be honest, I’ve surprised myself with the direction that I’ve taken with this blog. When I started out, I was all “bright, white, light.” But as I went along, I noticed more shadows creeping in.

Thinking about plans for the new home, again I find myself longing for a little shade. I don’t believe I’ll go as far as painting my walls a dark hue, or drawing the curtains. (In fact, the first thing I will do is remove the heavy valances in the living room.) But I will be more inclined towards sombre touches. Not so much the bold black accents of Scandinavia – though striking, this look is more dramatic than I’m feeling right now. No, what I crave is a softer, more nuanced, quiet darkness. Just a bit of that which has been deeply stained, to break up all the light.

I particularly love the colors in this photo above (as well as this gorgeous linen slip), and think they would be beautiful in my new, historic home. That antique, creamy/gray wall color, with the deep mahogany chair is breathtaking – spare and modern, and at the same time classic. I’m thinking that unfinished or lye-treated wood floors would be the finishing touch.

Petal pinks and grays are a beautiful bathroom combination.

bone and gray on the table: striking, but still warm

I’ve never been a  fan of curtains because I need to see out my windows or I feel hemmed in. But I love the romantic effect of these heavy, yet light-filled, linen drapes that trail onto the floor.

Above is one of the most fabulous sinks I’ve ever seen. I wonder who makes it.

Might have to rethink a light wood table too.

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