spring for everyone

March 30, 2012

Spring time for Mama, clockwise from the top: lemon and petal pink planner from Father Rabbit Limited; repurposed lamp by Earth Sea Warrior; yellow striped cotton blanket from Father Rabbit Limited; pistachio twine by Olive Manna; “Vulnerable 1″ by Art Mind

No matter how old you are or how sophisticated your aesthetic, bunnies and chicks have an undeniable appeal. Maybe it’s because they are the archetypes of renewal and spring, and who doesn’t like spring? Or maybe they just make us feel like a kid again. Whatever the reason, it is why Easter* is by far my favorite holiday. I get to indulge in pastels and farm animals and almost anything with a serious cute factor without sacrificing my “cool.”

*As a historian who grew up as a Unitarian, I definitely have a universalist approach to holidays. So whether you celebrate Easter, or the vernal equinox, or just more sun in the sky, here are some solstice selects for you.

spring time gifts for little ones: antique farm animals from AMradio; wool ball garland by RK Designs; chick confetti by Brown Eyed Rose

more for kids (and grownups): bunny by Royal Mint; Keecie silver chick wallet at Bijzonder Mooi; vintage golden wagon from Bella Lulu; Torinosu paper nest/bowl from Upon a Fold

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