spring green and growth

April 10, 2013

White + wood + spring green = the fresh, warm feeling of spring.

Spring is a time of rebirth. The carcasses of last year’s life are slowly being replaced by new growth.

At this time, I myself am feeling like it’s time to shed and remake. Lately, I’ve felt scattered like autumn leaves in the wind, touching many things, but never settling long enough to truly know. Now, it’s time to plant myself a bit more. Grow roots that are deeper. Explore the dark richness as well as the radiant sunlight of one spot.

So this spring I may be blogging a bit less (Who knows, we’ll see where the spirit moves me.), while I take time to: make my house my own, hone my photography skills in an online course, and enjoy the sunshine with my family.

I’m not going away, just refocussing a bit. Hopefully, the results will be even more colorful.

Images above via: Fraise Basilic and String Shelving.

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