strand redesign

October 10, 2011

Unni Strand is a Norwegian textile designer/teacher, whose work I’ve been following for a time. Her animal graphics have always been charming and witty, but it is her latest project that has me completely blown away. For these tea towels and totes, Unni used vintage linens that were stained by time. When the blemishes didn’t come out in the wash, Unni got adventurous and covered them with paint. The effect of these overt watery marks is hauntingly lovely. Though in another context the colors might be pretty or more benign, here they are almost macabre as they bleed into the fabric. Like linen Ophelias, it’s as if they were drowned. Thus, for me these pieces seem to symbolize a thing of pure beauty marred and used, but ultimately made deeper and more alluring in the process.

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