studio carta collaborative 4: halloween mask

October 23, 2015


Second only to Christmas, Halloween has become the most commercialized holiday in this country, with entire catalogs devoted to creating million-dollar monsters and fairies. But homemade costumes need not be hooky or cheap. Instead they offer a chance to unleash our inner magician, who with a modest potion of paper, scissor, and some glue, can transform themselves into any creature of their imagination.

Of course it all boils down to materials. Using Egg Press’ expressive collection of wrapping paper, along with Studio Carta tight weave cotton ribbon in Halloween hues, we conjured our own enchanting rabbit, in about as much time as it takes to say, “Hocus Pocus, Alakazam!”


Step 1: Using a flexible, lightweight cardboard or poster board (we used a manila envelope) make a simple sketch of a creature or critter of your choice. Cut this out.


Step 2: Choose a paper for the underlying layer of your mask. (We used selects from their Blue, Orange and Yellow Collection.) Place your cardboard cutout onto the back to this paper. Trace and cut.


Step 3: Using an Exact-o knife cut out the eye holes of your base mask. Then brush glue onto the back of your paper and paste over the base layer. Again, cut out the eyes.


Step 4: Choose another piece of paper for your accents. Using the edges of your mask as a template, draw these details onto the back of your second piece of paper. Cut these out.


Step 5: Apply glue and paste you accent pieces onto your mask.


Step 6: Punch holes into the sides of your mask.


Step 7: Measure two lengths of ribbon long enough to tie around you head. (We used Tight Weave Cotton Ribbon in dark indigo.) Give yourself a little extra. You can always trim.


Step 8: Thread the ribbons through your holes and tie.


That’s it. Of course the sky (or your imagination) is the limit on what you can do. Swap papers for a different look. Add a sequin or two. Try a fox or an owl. Or wouldn’t a lion with a Studio Carta ribbon mane look cool?

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