studio snowpuppe

August 8, 2011

chestnut paper origami lampshade, size S

From The Hague, Netherlands, Studio Snowpuppe is a design collaborative by Nellianna, “an architect who loves making beautiful products that contribute to the world’s wellness” and her partner, Kenneth, “an industrial designer who is inspired by nature.” Together they conceive and create these innovative, foldable lampshades.

Intriguing accent pieces to be sure, Studio Snowpuppe‘s illuminations have a sculptural quality similar to classic mid-century pendants or more recent lamps from Normann Copenhagen. Yet their original, origami-like construction gives Nellianna and Kenneth’s creations a form all their own. With contours that are both systematic and organic, these lampshades are wonderfully enticing on so many levels. Primal shapes of blossoms and orbs constructed in mathematical rhythms of origami folds¬†engage both the intellect and the soul. Each angle reveals a new pattern, a new play, as light and shadow interact with bent paper. And then you turn them on, and they transform once more. Simple, lovely, complex, clever.

For more colors and styles, as well as information on Studio Snowpuppe’s folding fabric lamps, go to their blog.

above and below: paper origami lampshade – size XL, available in hanging or floor model (Above photo by Noor. Used with permission of the artist.)

detail  Рorigami lampshade in chestnut

snowbell lampshade

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