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January 12, 2012

Sophie in her breathtaking studio

When someone has a real sense of themselves, it’s reflected all around them, in everything they do. Their clothes, their work, their interior style is immediately identifiable as “them.” The result is a cohesiveness of expression. Instead of separate pieces of paper, the facets of their lives act like different sides of the same cube. Viewed together the perspective is vastly more 3-D.

A clear example of this phenomenon is the home and studio of Sophie Schellekens. Sophie is the designer behind, Sunken Treasure, a line of cheerful, understated jewelry in sublime and lively hues. She lives and works in her Antwerp home, which she shares with her fiancé and cat.

When perusing Sophie’s pictures on her flickr site or blog, you are immediately struck by how seamless it all seems. It’s as if Sophie can interchange any two parts of her life – her jewelry, a piece of clothing, a corner detail in the office, or the evening meal – and the montage would still all go together. This coherency is not the result of Sophie employing just one color or being married to one style. But rather it’s because of a certain feeling that pervades all. A casual femininity achieved by a gossamer scarf or single pink teacup; an effortless beauty suggested by a lone flower or single bead; a playful elegance attained with a measured sprinkling of lively patterns and rainbow hues, these are the hallmarks of Sophie.

Thus, Sophie’s is a place in which one feels at ease. The result of an unassuming confidence of one who knows who they are. Where nothing is forced nor over wrought. It is simple, bright, welcoming, and lovely.

living and dining room



an assemblage in orange

harlequin bedroom



Sophie sporting some of her creations


Photos by Sophie Schellekens. Used with her permission.

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