textile creations by marlen kärema

May 3, 2012

Marlen’s adorable son holds her penguin doll. All photography by Marlen’s husband and creative partner, Tõnis.

You will no doubt remember the beautiful Easter decorations from Teip that I featured recently. Deborah was kind enough to introduce me to the creative force behind those dramatic shots: the multi-talented Marlen Kärema.

Turns out that Marlen’s textile work is as stunning as her styling. Crisp linens with minimal, but exquisite, detail and maximum character seem to be her trademark. And do I detect a bit of wit as well? I love the way in which Marlen walks the fine line between traditional and contemporary, beautiful and edgy. Her execution is rustic, textured, raw, and yet her pieces are comforting. The fabrics she chooses are classic, but there is always just the right amount of creative flare in her work to make things highly individual and interesting.

You can see more of Marlen’s party styling on Remodelista today.

linen tunic

linen shirt – you can see another of Marlen’s shirts here.



embroidered quilt


two pillow cases

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