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November 29, 2011

a subtle use of text as a decorative devise via Emma’s Design blog

As interiors become more personal and expressive it is only natural that text as decor should experience a rise. Words and other graphic elements provide a kind of punctuation – if you will – a point of interest, an unexpected accent, in a room. But I have not featured these devises over much here because I do think that they are hard to get right. Too often these texts strike me as a little too hokey or cliche, their messages a bit too close to those inspirational placards from Skymall. But when I discovered the collection of quotes amassed by Nezart Design, I became a total convert. These selections of artist Rene Norman are as fresh as they are varied. Some are witty, others profound. Many are irreverent, provocative. While others represent those wonderful small truths of everyday life. I encourage you to take a look through the whole assemblage, just because it’s fun. Not the proverbial Hallmark card, these expressions are actually art.

above and below: a selection of my favorites from Nezart Design. discovered via Busy Being Fabulous

And this one found by and everyone is also very good

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