textured potholders to be admired

September 16, 2013

There is something quite alluring about the humble potholder. Often staying in the background, these useful kitchen textiles quietly preform their feats of daring, quite content to let those brash table linens take all the glory. Which is why it’s so special when one of these little workers takes the time to dress up a bit, like Cinderella going to the ball. But nothing too fancy or above their station. These proletariats¬†are proud of their utilitarian nature. Just an extra stitch to give them some texture, or a beautiful weave that complements their tactile duties. And perhaps the boldest of these demure mitts may even don a dashing loop, as if to say, “Excuse me, but have you noticed that I might just be pretty enough to be kept out of the drawer?”

Above: Canvas potholder as mini work of art. Designer Edie Kahula Pereira of Specialty Dry Goods hand embroiders her simple, yet textured potholders from 100% natural, recycled US goods.

Above and below: Specialty Dry Goods pot holders in denim.

Above: Another maker of an understatedly lovely pot holder is Japanese designer Miyako Tsuchiya. Hand sewn from a tactile cotton, linen blend these mitts are available through Everyday Needs.

Above: Specialty Dry Goods pot holders are also available at General Store and through Alder & Co.

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