thanksgiving landscape

November 25, 2012

Coast Guard Beach, Eastham, MA Nov. 2012

corner of the guest bedroom, Stephanie and Jessie’s house, Orleans, MA

seashore marsh, Nov. 2012

back stairs

bureau tableau

Coast Guard Beach swell, Nov. 2012

vignette on the bureau

Nauset Beach buried by Hurricane Sandy

a warm fall day on Nauset

bedside detail

three generations of Cape Cod girls

a mantel

dining room

dining room

taking a rest by the seashore marsh

living room

Coast Guard Station

Oliver at Nauset

a quiet corner of the master bedroom

winter berries and bay

Thanksgiving table

Solvi and Gram at the National Seashore walk

I deviated from my regular format today because I couldn’t bare to interrupt the narrative recounted by the pictures above. Their’s is a tale of a home’s interior, completely in tune with the landscape outside. And that landscape is Cape Cod in fall.

If you happen to stick around that long, you will find the Cape in autumn to be a very different place. After the fleeting, frenzied abandon of summer tourists, one is left with quieter, more nuanced, Cape. Here you will find that the dancing contrasts of deep azure and amber gold have soften into more symbiotic layers of sand and silver and pale blue. The smells of suntan oil and fish fry have been replaced by the more subtle aroma of bay berry and salt marsh. No longer people, Nature is now the central character in this dynamic landscape. With each storm she re-sculpts the landscape, reworking her canvas with each passing sunset.

This is the landscape that I found while documenting the annual activities of our family on Thanksgiving weekend. Here, while unpacking my things in my Aunt’s guest room or watching the dog show in the master bedroom, I discovered in the interior, the same cool warmth and quiet dynamism of the world outside.

For, just as the architecture of a home should relate to its surrounding site – its planes echoing the topography, its windows absorbing the view – so too should the inside be informed by the landscape. And not in the form of, say, nautical paraphernalia all around your beach home, but in a more subtle reflection of the colors and textures outside.

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