the marriage of pink and gray

February 7, 2012

“bird” via browndresswithwhitedots; Pilmlico Bedroom Chair from Canvas Home; Aldin tea towels from Classico Life

When I was little, the Tom Boy in me rebelled against pink. Quite the wee feminist, I would chastise my poor pink-loving friends about the pitfalls of being constrained by girly stereotypes. Fortunately, I’ve lighten up a bit since my radical elementary school days. (Yes, this was the same time that I was enjoying making the hearts that I wrote about yesterday. I didn’t say I was consistent.)

Having made peace with my feminine side, the older me has now come to appreciate the subtleties of pink. Recognizing its complexities, the wiser me has come to understand why pink may be the perfect color for women.

First of all, the best pinks really are among the most beautiful of shades. And then there’s the range of pink, the opportunities for expression. Neither pure white nor scarlet, pink is everything in between. It can be soft and sweet, or loud and shocking, playful or smart, flirty or sophisticated.

In fact, I’ve changed my tune about pink so much that, in looking to decorate my daughter’s room, I now fully embrace her seemingly natural affinity for the hue. (Which may be a long way of saying, “If you can’t beat em, join em.”)

And isn’t it interesting how striking pink looks when combined with what could be considered its masculine equivalent: gray. Neither black nor white, gray too is more nuanced, especially in warmer tones. Paired with pink, it’s dark but somehow comforting. At the same time both grounding and highlighting its rosy companion.

Ok, Ok. Maybe I’m getting a bit carried away. Suffice to say, that I’m a fan of pink and gray. In my book these two hues were made for each other.

Editorial for Elle Decor styled by Krakvik & D’Orazio. Photo by Siren Lauvdal; my daughter Solvi as a baby in a pink dress, climbing Sheila’s gray stairs; Nuppi – hand painted knobs from RK Shop

sparkle, pink, polka dot, kid’s umbrella via mango-watermelon-love; Isis Sturtewagen’s kitchen; Wood and Wool Stool

handmade scarf by Moa; tie necklaces by Untold Imprint; bedroom by Le Dans La

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