the old and the new

June 25, 2012

“the old”: Valencia by Arabia bowl

During our recent longer-than-ancipated stint in a cramped apartment, my poor Arabia dishes were confined to basement storage. In the meantime, I started a new collection of dishes: those by Nancy Bauch at White Forest Pottery. Unpacking them both recently and placing them in the new pantry, was the first time I have ever seen these sets side by side. The two are very different. And it got me thinking about the old and the new.

As evidenced by this blog, my tastes are eclectic, running the gamut between traditional and modern, industrial and natural/handmade, always with a minimalist overtone. As this all-encompassing description reveals, it can sometimes be difficult to pin down my style “motivations,” and so my design challenge remains: how to hone all these divergent inclinations into a cohesive scheme.

In the past, my default had been to throw the baby out with the bathwater as it were, deciding that I had changed, moved on. But now I’m making peace with fickle self. I now accept that there is a piece of me that still revels in the unabashed blue and somewhat exotic patterns of Valencia, and one that craves the texture and serenity of White Forest.

And it is also true that some things that I’ve unpacked do no longer feel like me – like my crystal champagne flutes. Today, I’m sure I’d prefer something less classical (the one adjective I did not use to describe my tastes), a wonky, hand-blown chalice that would foil the elegance of the champagne, or a vintage flute of etched glass that would join the bubbles in a dance of light. But I’m not going to put these not-so-me flutes in a yard sale yet. Because, as I consider my new home, letting all the pieces percolate a while, who knows, I may change my mind.

“the new” white forest bowl

the newspaper I used to wrap it up reveals the last time I saw Arabia

(actually this is an old creamer from Takashimaya)

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