the old manse

December 2, 2014

The old manse

About a mile outside of the old town center, overlooking the Old North Bridge stands one of Concord’s great literary and historic houses: The Old Manse. Built in 1770 by the grandfather of Ralph Waldo Emerson, it not only bore witness to the start of the American Revolution, but later played host to a number of the founding fathers of American literature. Here Emerson wrote his first drafts of Nature while sitting at a tiny desk made by his good friend Henry David Thoreau. Shorty after the newly married Hawthornes took up residence, etching love notes and general observations onto the window panes using Sophia’s diamond ring. Here, they both paid homage to the home, she in her paintings, and he in Mosses from an Old Manse.

In continuation of, if not its literary heritage, than at least its legacy of forging familial bonds, we come to the Old Manse in all seasons to take in a bit of history and romp around the grounds.

Grave of British soldiers

grave of British Soldiers killed at North Bridge

old north bridge

North Bridge

yellow Solvi

Solvi on a stone wall 

snow ball fight_edited-1

on the front lines… of a snowball fight

Olie, Solvi and Chris, The Manse

with Uncle Chris

manse field

footprints and frolic in the field 

back door the manse

harvest at the back door

Olie Manse

Olie by the road

Solvi stone wall

Solvi triumphant

Solvi winter sunset

Solvi radiant

the manse

The back of the house from the Concord River

Solvi Manse dock

Solvi by the boat house

geese Concord river

geese on the Concord River

Solvi tree

Solvi by the old oak

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