this was xmas on cape cod

December 30, 2013

When people think of the beach, the image that comes to mind is almost never of sand and snow. Yet to us natives, it is the winter coast that informs the soul. Cloaked in cold, the once sparkling summer blue sea dons a more monochromatic garb. It’s deeper, more somber, but also more dramatic and invigorating. Honestly, nothing makes you feel more alive than standing on a windswept shore contemplating the vast gray sea and expansive winter sky.

Likewise, the birds at this time take on different aspect. Arctic visitors from the North, their white coats like beacons reflecting the scant rays of the solstice sun, mingle with the year-round population soaring and swirling like colossal snow flakes over the ashen bay. And one special visitor tucked in feathers from head to talons, the Snowy Owl, (glimpsed through scopes and binoculars, but alas, never with the camera lens) feels like the spirit of father Christmas himself.

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