this year’s bounty goes beyond the gift

December 31, 2013

Last year, I was so touched by the gifts the kids chose for me. There were so perfect – so them, so me. This year, their presents were no less delightful and spot on. I love the unexpected theme of black birds, one from each kid. The framed one was drawn by Solvi while at “Gramma Bird’s” house. The felt crow was Oliver’s rather serendipitous choice. (Since Solvi’s bird arrived already wrapped, Olie could not have seen it.) The lavender heart sachet is mate to one I gave Solvi a year ago. She chose it also because I had another sachet that was scorched when it landed on top of a light bulb. (A victim of the kid’s pillow fight.)

Other gifts from Chad, my family “Secret Santa,” and the Remodelista Gang also reveal a consistent theme: one of texture, story, and the celebration of the every day.

When she picked the heart, Solvi did not know that it had another special layer. It was made for Pod by my friend, Jill.

Other gifts included: a vintage, indigo tote from ABR Hardware, pasta bowls by Nancy Bauch,
napkins by Auntie Oti, and a handmade, horse hair brush from Sweden.

Feeling blessed.

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