toshiro kawase

April 11, 2012

Japanese artist Toshiro Kawase produces some the finest examples of ikebana I’ve ever seen.

Characterized by extreme minimalism and discipline, ikebana is one of the most intellectual forms of floral “arranging.” It requires that the practitioner intensely study the specimen in order to ascertain how to best emphasize its form. Yet, like all art, at some point the true master must transcend the intellect in order to let the spirit of the piece shine.

This delicate balance of body, mind and soul is exactly what Kawase’s pieces convey. They are like epiphanies, embodying all the tension and fragility of a state of grace. Small and yet hugely evocative, they are haikus in flowers. They are limitless energy barely contained in a halo of quiet. They are nature manipulated by man. Man in harmony with Nature.

More images here.

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