tove adman

September 27, 2011

Recently I admired the Tove Adman concrete pendant lamps in Ingrid Aune Westrum’s kitchen. This of course led me to further exploration of this Swedish design talent. My researched revealed some old favorites such as the barbed wire chandelier below, as well as some new finds, like the concrete cafe table. What I particularly respond to in Tove’s work is the tantalizing tension in her pieces, created by an unorthodox use of materials, which seemingly contradict the object’s form and function. Fragile lights are incased in rock-hard concrete, but maintain the grace of the original Edison design. The symbol of a lifestyle unattainable by most, the elegant chandelier is nonetheless invitingly sparkly and seductive. But it’s untouchable nature is quite literally declared by the hostile presence of barbed wire. Add to this paradoxical nature, Adman’s dash of wry wit and you have a winning combination to be sure.

For more items, see Tove Adman’s website. Many of her products are available through the Scandinavian Design Center.

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