unholy mess!

March 29, 2011

Although I explained it a while back, new readers might not fully grasp why I feel so compelled to document my children’s delightful “design droppings” in Kid Serendipity. So I thought I’d give you a visual.

Above is my childrens’ usual contribution to home decor. More like “home destroy.” Ok, I exaggerate a little. While this is an actual photo taken of my son’s room last week, it does depict an abnormally cataclysmic event in which he climbed up on his bureau and toppled it. But it’s not that far off base. So when my kids do do something more towards the charming end of kid spectrum, it’s cause to celebrate.

But this photo also brings up a larger, more important point. Although I love to look at, document, and think about beautiful things, I am in no way advocating for some unsustainable ideal of perfection. I’m not saying that your house should always be neat and tidy and sanitized and well-designed and that you should always have cookies in the oven and fresh flowers on the bedside table. (God, I hope you don’t think I’m saying that! I certainly don’t want to put that kind of pressure on you.) As it says on my side bar there, I prefer personality over perfection. A philosophy no doubt born of the fact that I would rather blog about a neat house than actually clean my own!

But I do know that when I am in a beautiful place – the beach, a cathedral, a considered home – I feel much more centered and calm. So it is my wish that, for you as it is for me, Designskool may be a bit of a sanctuary – a place of balance and peace – away from the daily clutter. And I hope that, maybe, just maybe, I can help you find some beauty hidden in the mess.

tiny bouquet that my son picked for me last fall

Ahhhh. That’s better.

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