untold imprint

February 13, 2012

In my pink and gray feature last week, you may have noticed some beautiful Katsuri necklaces by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint. I loved the subtle, variegated tones in these pieces, and felt that this prolific designer deserved more attention.

Inspired by her love of “faded textiles and chipped paint,” Phoebe’s originals are an expressive combination of earthy/exotic and urban/rustic. Her designs are graceful, fluid and playful. Reminiscent of both ethnic prints and natural forms, they pay homage to the past, but are also minimal and modern. Phoebe’s hues, which are made from non-toxic, water-based inks, are soft and lovely, but ever-so-slightly luxurious. Handprinted onto natural fabrics, they contrast beautifully with the raw cotton, canvas, and hemp. Totally unique, Untold Imprint is truly contemporary: worldly, wise and utterly at home in any decor.

tea towels

art print and apron

tote bags

clutch and necklace

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