upcott farm in devon

August 16, 2012

When Ben and Sarah Lambert first set eyes on Upcott Farm in Devon, it was love at first sight. Right then and there, they decided to relocate from their urban environs and lay down roots in the country.

I can completely relate. When I first saw the photos of this 200-year-old farm (lovingly restored by these friends-of-friend-of-a-relative of mine), it was all I could do not to jump on a plane and immediately head for an idyllic get-away.

Over the past six years, Ben, a CFO, and Sarah, a professional gardener (and amazing photographer), have worked to bring this once-working farm back to – and perhaps beyond – its former glory. First they renovated the main house, then the kitchen garden, and ancient apple press, and also turned the Piggery into an office/rec room. Most recently, they completed renovations on the lamb and calf sheds, turning them into serene guest cottages.

Judging by the excerpts from their website and blog, the Lambert family has carved out a full life at Upcott – one filled with natural beauty and historic charm – all updated in contemporary style. It’s enough to make anyone long for life on the farm.

The lane leading to Upcott

One of the couple’s daughters feeds hens by the old walkway, made from local beach stones.

artichokes in the kitchen garden, brought to life by Sarah

chives in the kitchen garden

the newly renovated kitchen in the Calfshed

making fresh lemonade

dining area in the Lambshed

upstairs hall with a mix of modern and antique elements

mood board for the recent renovations

In an effort to maintain the feel of the original barns, Ben and Sarah kept the open plan (seen here in the Calfshed). In addition, the newly poured, polished concrete flooring (now updated for comfort with radiant heating) harkens back to the original cement floor.

the exterior of the former piggery

Upstairs, specially cut beams and lofted ceilings maintain a barn-like feel, while white walls brighten the space.

Simple furniture and a limited palette make for a restful retreat in the bedrooms.

spring lamb

the old apple press

an invite to the annual apple pressing event

Upcott Farm Valley – notice the nearby coast in the distance.

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