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August 23, 2011

After a week spent in woodlands by the sea, I’ve become newly inspired by this country’s northern coasts. The tall pines and mossy forest floors as well as the rocky, driftwood-strewn shores of the Pacific Northwest and Maine are strikingly similar. Both are a testament to the drama of textures, forms, and colors that can exist in places where nature has been left more or less untamed. It’s a quiet grandeur wherein a single tidal pool can be as moving as the view from the highest mountain.

Above are some “souvenirs,” inspirations from my trip: “Underwater Silence,” fine art photography print by JK Photography; “Driftwood Assemblage” by Amy Lou Gieschen; vintage canvas directors chair from This Other Thing; Soft Sculpture “Mermaid’s Purse & Baby Skate” by Fog and Swell; ceramic beach pottery from Lake House Beach Glass. For more, see my treasury, Woodland and Tide.

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