valentine productions 2013

February 7, 2013

It’s that time of year again. That time when I need to mass produce Valentines for my children’s classmates. Growing up, making Valentines with my many creative mentors: Mom, Pat or Marnie, was a tradition. So much so that now it appears to be part of my DNA, and I find myself unable to simplify my life by buying cards. Ah well, at least it’s still fun.

Last year’s mass production involved tissue paper. This year, we went with “all you can do with stickers.” Project one, the more ambitious venture, involved using foam adhesives to create a print roll pattern. Oliver immediately rejected this as way too involved, and certainly not enough fun to entice him away from his new dragon story. So Solvi and I soldiered on together. Once we’d finished however, Oliver did join us for the more straightfoward sticker fun.

Solvi applies her stickers.


and roll

the results (with a little help from Mama)

finally Oliver emerges from his room to make Valentines

Solvi could make them forever.

detailed work

kid’s Valentines

Mom tries her hand at simple sticker Valentines

two favorites

and a mobile

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