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February 3, 2012

(Switching gears from the rest of the week here. But Valentines’ is only 11 days away!)

No doubt your Valentine is an original. So here are some of my selects for romantic cards and gifts that are as unique as your Love.

above: “Poosac and his Red Ballon” card by Poosac; Lusty Heart print by JenniPenni; himmeli heart by AMradio; heart garland by Heart Love

“I Love You Funny Valentine” by LAccentNou; Love Tree from Vitrine; card by Mingus

clockwise from top left: praying mantis card by X♥; custom linen love note by Good Measure; red beasts card by Banquet; heart hanger by Rayart; “I ♥¬†dogs…books…etc” card by Pistachio Letterpress; heart felted clogs by Woolen Clogs

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