vensus fly trap

October 12, 2011

Meet my new favorite house plant. Remember these from when you were a kid? Obviously I got this little venus fly trap for my kids. But now I think I like Flyzy (the kids named her) just as much as they do. First of all she’s fun. But she’s also great looking. (She has to be a “she,” right? With Venus in her name.)

It may surprise you to know, given how often I feature flowers, that I consider house plants to be one of the greatest design challenges – house plants and good lighting. Orchids are Ok, but so overdone and obvious. Succulents are good – sculptural and interesting – and I do love a vibrant green moss. But for the most part, all those plants with their waxy green leaves leave me cold. Thus, heretofore, the only permanent plants in my house were a cycad and my struggling but beloved purple oxalis. Too bad because plants really are healthy.

Ergo, I’m quite happy with the unexpected discovery of little Flyzy. I think her slightly sinister, acid green stems are perfect with my porcelain Takashimaya tea cup. And I just love her tendrils. They look like Medusa’s eyelashes, beautiful but deadly. I can kinda respect that in a girl.

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