vingt septembre

October 16, 2012

One of my new favorites, Vingt Septembre is a beautiful blog that celebrates each day as it comes. It’s a diary, documenting ephemeral moments in a life: food, travel, home – and that life and the lens behind it belong to Sarah.

Sarah lives in Strasbourg, France, a town which she poetically describes as having a “human standard of living” where “everything can be done by bike, and the forest and the lakes are never far away…”┬áThere Sarah revels in the organic process of shooting with her analog camera – how each roll reveals something unforeseen. And her blog has that same extemporaneous quality. Sarah cherishes small interactions. She savours the changing light and lingers over a bouquet, a meal, an encounter with friends. She loves old things: the history, the hunt, the character of flea market finds.

And Sarah loves to cook. Speaking about food with at least as much passion as photography, she chronicles trips to the farmer’s market, meals made slow from the season’s best (a lot of apple/plum crumble this time of year), lovingly prepared at least once a day with her boyfriend/housemate.

Vingt Septembre is a sumptuous, soulful affair. Revealed almost entirely through images. The commentary is minimal to none. Sarah doesn’t need any. Her pictures do all the talking.

You can purchase some of Sarah’s lovely images at the Vingt Septembre shop.

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