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January 1, 2013

A year ago today, the family enjoyed an unseasonably warm walk along Pleasant Bay. This New Year’s day, we once again wondered along the same coast, this time wrapped in a winter wonderland.

I love adventures and new experiences; and I revel in all that they have to teach me. But (if I may be so bold as to venture a guess), I believe that one secret of happiness lies in our ability to open ours eyes to and to be continually surprised by that which is familiar. Though I have lived on and visited Cape Cod for 40 years, I never tire of this awesome landscape. That is because neither of us is static. With each new year, as life, the light, or the weather changes, we both grow, morph, and evolve. As dynamic forces each day we greet each other anew. And so, though I have walked this path a million times before, it never ceases to astonish and inspire.

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