what i couldn’t live without no. 1, part 2 – “Gus” in situ

June 2, 2011

Gus in his new home in the living room of my cottage. Viewed from the dining room.

Remember my polar bear from Lackluster Co.? You know, the one I couldn’t live without? (The kids named him “Gus” after the live polar bear in the Central Park Zoo.) Well this weekend my aunt and I found what we believe is the perfect spot for him. What do you think?

The whole living room. I actually moved the pouf below and the antique donkey doorstop on the mantel because I thought they competed with Gus. Plus with the donkey, the room felt too “cutesy animals every,” so I replaced it with the caribou antler (below), that my step-father found in Alaska. This specimen seemed a more dynamic companion for Gus, being both complementary and contradictory at the same time. (Both are serenely white and “animal,” but one is round and “fleshy”; the other barbed and bone.)

My new “homage to Alaska” wall, which I think is kind of ironic in a summer cottage… but refreshingly so. (Yes, I’m now soooo going to re-route that cable wire that I’ve been ignoring for years!)

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